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What I learned at the AA meeting
AA meeting was a very good learning opportunity for me and I benefited from it greatly I was amazed on how normal all the people looked and it really signified that honestly anyone could become and alcoholic and it can really mess up your life and make you so dysfunctional and take your life away I was amazed by all of their stories especially the story about how one of the men said that god is the only answer and it made me really realize that he is really and work in that place. I also saw a person that looked almost my same age and he had already been homeless and shot up heroine, it really blew my mind how many people in there were heroine attics. I can honestly say that the AA meeting changed my life and really influenced me to not want to drink alcohol, and especially not do drugs because when you are in those meeting you can see real life what happens to people who abuse it and use it in the wrong ways. One last thing that amazed me was there was a 22 year old guy who talked about how he was just doing it at parties and little did he know it made his life flip upside down and made him turn into someone he didn’t think he would become. Thank you for taking me to the AA meeting because it really did make an impact on my life and I will be able to talk to other people about what I saw and learned and apply it to the real world around me.
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