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6 Glasses Summer Assignment

Chapter 1

1. The consequences of the agricultural revolution were that people stopped moving around and settled in villages creating cities, it also cause writing, and new technologies. 2. Wheat and barley are cereal grains, from them beer, soup, porridge, gruel, and broth are produced. 3. The archeological evidence was from 10,000 b.c.e., flint- bladed sickles for harvesting, woven baskets for carrying, stone hearths for drying them, underground pits for storing, and grind stones for processing them is all evidence that supports cultivation, harvesting, and processing of cereal grains. 4. Early farmers discovered that cereal grains could be stored for years if kept dry and safe and when cereal grains got soaked in water it produces diastase enzymes. 5. Farming led to a food surplus and because of this people did not need to go hunting everyday for their food they now had time to specialize in different activities and crafts. 6. Three reasons to switch to farming are because they had a steady supply of food, the more sedentary lifestyle increased fertility rates, and once beer was discovered it became so socially important and they wanted a steady supply of it. 7. Bread was solid beer, and beer was solid bread.

8. Ancient civilizations believed that beer was a gift from the gods, and to hank them they used beer for religious offerings and had ceremonies to thank them. 9. The grains were kept in storehouses run by the government and the only given out when there were food shortages and there were rituals and religious activities done to ensure that the next years harvest would be good. 10. The discovery of beer led people to settle down in one place and to start farming because of this people started to have a surplus of food so they had leisure time, during this time people started constructions of buildings and the maintenance of irrigation systems, beer even led to the first writing to record the sales of beer.

Chapter 2

1. Mesopotamia is between two rivers called the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers 2. The surplus of food helped the development of the civilization because it fed the administrators and craftsman so they wouldn’t have to get their own food, but it also founded vast public work like pyramids, canals, and temples 3. The basis of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian diets were grains mostly in the form of beer or bread. 4. Sumer is important to the history of mankind because its one of the most important first civilizations. 5. Food and Drink played part in ancient religions because certain ones were considered a gift from the gods based on its properties and very high nutritional value. 6. Writing helped the Sumerian society by giving them an edge on trade by keeping track of all their stuff, and being able to record important events and technological advances. 7. Our modern Latin alphabet can be traced back to the Etruscans and the Breeks. 8. Wheat was important in its 2 forms beer and bread, in Mesopotamia and Egypt because it provided nutrients to sustain life, and because beer couldn’t harbor any bacteria it was safe to drink, clean, and sterilize with it. 9. Beer was used in daily life as currency to trade and get goods, beer was used in religions as rituals and offerings to their gods, beer was also used as medicine as an antiseptic and pain reliever, beer was also used in burials as a thing to show respect. 10. Beer had civilized influences and shaped the development of Mesopotamia and Egypt by giving them a reliable supply of food and something to drink so they had time to develop other things and technology that made their lives easier.

Chapter 4

1. Romans adopted Greek culture by using their language, architecture, art, myths, and rituals, and they changed them but very little. 2. The crops sacrificed to produce wine were
3. Rome tired to control the luxurious taste of its richest citizens by controlling and areas soil and climate for a winery...
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