A Young Mans Song

Topics: William Butler Yeats, Love, Person Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Take a Chance
The poem, The Young Man’s Song by William Butler Yeats creates an encouraging tone to convince people in taking a chance with love. The poem creates a symbolic meaning of taking a chance when the poem says, “Wherefore I threw a penny to find if I might love.” This line describes that people need to take a chance at love otherwise they may not get another chance. You have to throw the penny in order to take a chance. “Go and love, go and love young man, If the lady be young and fair,” shows that the young man should go after this lady if she seems to be worth the effort. The young man should go after this lady before someone else does. This poem depicts the subject of love. The poem has an encouraging tone for people in love because it gives people hope that there is a chance for them to love. The mood is also similar because it is hopeful for the young man to gain love. These two help show the subject of the poem is love. This subject is shown in the theme by explaining that if you wait too long to go for love, then it may be too late. It is better to take a chance then to wait until it is too late. The poem describes how love cannot be understood fully by anyone so the goal should be to not become worried about love and to take a chance even if you’re not sure how it will end up. The poem says that a person would be thinking of love until the stars had run away which is describing how people may wait too long to express their love. This may mean that if you don’t take a chance now, then you may not get another chance in the future. The very end of the poem emphasizes this point when it says, “One cannot begin too soon.” This specific line gives the idea of throwing all your worries away and taking a chance because it is never too early to love.
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