a Study of the Problems Faced by Alcoholism

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                           A STUDY OF THE PROBLEMS FACED BY ALCOHOLISM WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO KARUKUTTY PANCHAYATH SOCIAL PROJECTByPAUL SIMON        1.1  Statement of the problem1.2  Objective of the study1.3  Scope of the study1.4  Limitation of the study1.5  Plan of the report       INTRODUCTION                 Alcohol has in the recent past become one of the major leading drug killers the world. Alcohol addiction refers to cases where a person feels a compulsive need to take alcohol to help his or body system to perform its normal tasks. A person is said to be addicted to alcohol when he or she cannot contain or limit alcohol drinking and any such attempts leads to withdrawals symptoms such as shakiness, anxiety and nausea. In the past, only “hard” drugs like cocaine, mantras and heroine were thought to be hazardous to the health of an individual. However in the recent past, tobacco, caffeine and alcohol have also been categorized as drugs. These are usually used by many individuals around the world thus meaning that most of the people in the world are exposed to drugs regularly. However, these drugs are used in moderation by a majority of these people thus reducing any forms of negative effects which arises from drug abuse. Alcohol is very addictive and a major cause of different health hazards to an individual. Alcohol addiction has also been attributed as a leading cause of family breakups and divorce especially in the western countries. Family addiction to alcohol especially by the parents has dire consequences on marriage as well as the children. Alcohol addiction in families is the main cause of family breakups, divorce and poor academic performance of children as well…Alcoholism is a chronic and often fatal disease. It is a primary disorder and not a symptom of other diseases or emotional problems. The chemistry of alcohol allows it to affect nearly every type of cell in the body, including those in the central nervous system. After prolonged exposure to alcohol, the brain becomes dependent on it. The severity of this disease is influenced by factors such as genetics, psychology, culture, and response to physical pain.Alcoholism is a chronic illness marked by dependence on alcohol consumption. It interferes with physical or mental health, and social, family, or job responsibilities. This addiction can lead to liver, circulatory, and neurological problems. Pregnant women who drink alcohol in any amount may harm the fetus.Alcoholism, alcohol dependence, and alcohol abuse are associated with the following:          The only indication of early alcoholism may be the unpleasant physical responses to withdrawal that occur during even brief periods of abstinence.         Alcoholics are preoccupied with drinking, deny their own addiction, and continue to drink even though they are aware of the dangers.         Alcoholics may have blackouts after drinking and have frequent hangovers that cause them to miss work and other normal activities.         Alcoholics might drink alone and start their drinking early in the day.         Alcoholics periodically quit drinking or switch from hard liquor to beer or wine, but these periods rarely last.         Severe alcoholics often have a history of accidents, marital and work instability, and alcohol-related health problems.         Episodic violent and abusive incidents involving spouses and children and a history of unexplained or frequent accidents are often signs of drug or alcohol abuse.               Alcoholism can develop insidiously, and often there is no clear line between problem drinking and alcoholism. Eventually alcohol dominates thinking, emotions, and actions and becomes the primary means through which a person can deal with people, work, and life.Definition of Alcohol Use and AbuseIn addition to alcohol dependence, alcohol use is defined by levels of harm that it may be causing. This information is useful to determine possible interventions at earlier...
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