Speech Communication

Topics: Communication, Sound, Noise Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: January 24, 2014
As we can see, in this model, there is no feedback. Without feedback, the sender would not know if the receiver recieves it correctly or misunderstood it. This is the loophole of Shannon Weaver model. The message while reaching the final destination might get distorted sometimes as different people interpret messages in a different way. Thus even a simple message can get a different meaning after finally reaching its destination. However, this model has an interesting additional element. Shannon and Weaver were concerned with noise in the communications process. Noise, Weaver said, "may be distortions of sound (in telephony, for example) or static (in radio), or distortions in shape or shading of picture (television), or errors in transmission (telegraph or facsimile), etc." Shannon and weaver model simply proposes that a message actually originates from the person who gets the thought or has the information. The sender is also called the Source of information or the Information Source. The information then gets transmitted from the brain to the mouth and comes out as a signal which then reaches the recipient after joining hands with several noises and other disturbances. The recipient then further passes on the message to its final destination or other minds of other individuals. Also they find factors which affecting the communication process called “Noise”. At first the model was developed to improve the Technical communication. Later it’s widely applied in the field of Communication. Noise: The messages are transferred from encoder to decoder through channel. During this process the messages may distracted or affected by physical noise like horn sounds, thunder and crowd noise or encoded signals may distract in the channel during the transmission process which affect the communication flow or the receiver may not receive the correct message. Note: The model is clearly deals with external noises only which affect the messages or signals from external...
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