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Activity 17
Below you will find listed some key designers and design groups who are considered to be typical of the post-modern movement.  I would like you to undertake research into as many of them as you can within the recommended time. I would like you to find references to these designers without being given any specific links. This will help you to become an independent researcher. However, many of these designers and design groups are still working in graphic design so you may find that they have their own, official websites.  

If you cannot find references easily, you should post a message to your tutors for advice. If you find particularly good sources of information you should share these with your fellow students and post your findings in the forum.  

I would like you to make a collection of images and to annotate these describing your thoughts about them. You should link your notes to the key aspects of the post-modernist movement we highlighted. Try to find examples which you think demonstrate these key aspects.  

One of the main aspects of post-modernism is that it has no specific 'rules' and therefore you will always find examples that are difficult to define. Key designers and design groups associated with post modernism: Grapus

Was a political project

There is no symmetry, geometry or perspective. Colours are used in a sort of mix match next to the French flag colours. There is a message of action toward the audience. There is apparently no care of the typeface. It is literally handwritten using different coloured pencils. Pentagram

The poster is ironic, the colours are bod and the chilly is exposed to a strong light, the image is irregular, it looks hand designed and it is not even placed symmetrically in the centre. There is a big empty space left between the title and the image

Very clever poster that can be read...
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