Organizational Theory

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Apple is a global giant whose success has been built on outsourcing to a range of other organisations located across the world. How can different organisational theory perspectives assist us in acquiring different understandings of Apple, its organisational networks and influence? In this essay you must use at least two perspectives to analyse Apple.  Success is because of outsourcing. Network and influence

Environmental contingency theory, insisutitional theory or stake hodlder theory or enacted envinrment to discuss perception of its envionment. Introduction
Tell them what you are doing
View through diff organizational network and influence APPLYING PERSPECTIVE TO ORGANZATIONAL NETWORK AND INFLUENCE NETWORK ORGANIZaed and structured a certain way
The way they do is a post modernist view
Apple does xxxxxx cause influence
De differentiated network
Outsource Network, different production
Apple cannot get things done without power.
The study of organizational theory pespectives
benefit of identifying common themes for the purpose of solving problems, maximizing efficiency ... “flexibility and adaptiveness which can’t hurt you in times of complexity and rapid change” (p.4). Understanding how different organizations behave , why they do what they do A leading company in consumer electronics and technology, Apple is an America multinational company known as one of the giants in the technological industry – whose profits the fiscal 2012 third quarter ended June 30, 201 in The Company posted quarterly revenue of $35.0 billion and quarterly net profit of $8.8 billion, or $9.32 per diluted share Apple

Theories of the Modernist
Modernism is a method of organization study - The ontology of the modernist assumes that there is scientific prove for everything and their epistemology of and belief of truth is based on testing and research. (Hatch and Cunliffe, 2006) Weber (2009) presents to us that modernist organizations tend to be driven by efficiency and effectiveness. Modernist corporations are capitalist, focus is on finding methods and techniques to maintain organizational power and control – ensuring that find the least costly and yet fasted way in order to maximize their profits i.e capitalism. In modernist organizations, the structure is often either vertically differentiated – where there is a division of authority i.e hierarchies. To the modernist, they view hierarchies as a form of control where power is established in order to manage organization towards efficiency and effectiveness.

German sociologist Max Weber characterized bureaucratic theories rely on sets of rules and regulations, and behavioral monitoring to achieve control. Bureaucracy emphasizes on legitimatized hierarchy of authority to administer the bureaucratic mechanisms and to exert control to closely supervisor and direct subordinates (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn 2003). It depends largely on a defined hierarchy of authority to influence the employee behavior and to assess performance. However, hierarchical authority can lead to worker's resentment and tension in the workplace, resulting in conflict. Modernist believes that conflict arises due to disorganized workplace that results from irresponsible, incompetent and poorly trained management.

seeking to find the least costly and fastest way in order to boost profits i.e finding the best methodology for their organization.

According to Weber (2009), modernist management revolves around the basis of control and capitalism. Weber’s theory of bureaucracy Modernists believe that bureaucratic taionalization would promote technical efficiency. Reationship between organizational strucure and technologu. Modernist Perspectives on Power, Control, Conflict

Modernist Perspective on Apple’s Organizational Structure Organizational structure has to do with people and physical structure more about the building. Etc big stadium, big tower,...
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