Modern American Art

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Urban Modernity in NY (1908) and Ash Can artists
General: The thrills of technology, such as coney island, city of wonders, also had the nitty gritty, more poverty and realistic side of the city with the ash can artists •Song Slide: nickelodeon

oDiversity, adults children white black
oLet the audience feel as a presence w/in performance
oAct of watching was also entertainment
Coney Island at Night- film frame
oElectricity changing what nighttime meant in urban setting •Before it was to be avoided and now it is not. Led to growth of nightlife •Footlight flirtation
oVaudeville established itself from burlesque/cheap entertainment •Create a form of entertainment that could be viewed by all, no vulgarity •Movies: five cents
oFilms mixed with live acts, broadened nighttime environment (attended by unescorted women, creating unsupervised encounters b/w men and women) •Started consumer culture- break down Victorian gender

Mixed audience represented experience of urban life (black/white, men/women) Exciting, instability, city new visual experience
Lone Tenement (George Bellows)
oWanted to facec the ugly in city as well as beautiful
oWorked against Whistler (avoided aesheticism)
Rawness of city, depicted vaudeville (which is like mixture of acts such as burlesque, comedians, music, etc) oLiked to show economic conditions of urban poor
Ash Can painting style: thick and messy, meant to look like it was applied slap-dash manner, jittery oAsh can artists started as illustrationalists
oBorrowed from manet but were more interested in giving subjects agency •Called insufficiently modern
Whistler’s work is about distancing us, Bellows is about confronting the difficult world, the real world, gritty grimy

The Stieglitz Circle & Transatlantic Modernism
General: Cubism, Italian Futurists, Fauvism, abstraction, NY Dada •Six O’Clock, Winter, John Sloane, 1912
oDisplay Discontinuity of urban life
Rush Hour, Max Weber
oAlso shows the discontinuities of urban life
oTook thrusted lines of train in motion and applied it to paintings •Battle of lights, Joseph Stella
oAgain shows possibilities of electricity, Italian immigrant, Italian futurist style •One of which was Giacomo Balla (Dynamism of Dog on a Leash) oCaptured electric spectacles
Brooklyn Bridge, Joseph Stella
oWanted to express dynamism (express its force of nature)
New attitude coming from back and forth between the Atlantic Ocean •Portrait of Daniel-henry Kahnweiler, Picasso, 1910
Developed in france,
Tries to express multiple viewpoints, on the same canvas See objects in painting from multiple angles
Cubist doing what Eakins foresaw in Mending the Net, except Eakins actually tried to make all the different viewpoints cohere with eachother, Cubists don’t care about coherence, they welcome discontinuity Never enters fully into abstraction tho

Planar Fragmentation:
Geometrically shaped sections of paining
Breaking and overlapping planar forms
Different planes linked together by passage
Passage is the opening up of countours, allowing elements to bleed into eachother Nude Descending a Staircase, Marcel Duchamp:
Taken color palate and broken contours of cubism
oFigure moving in space, connection between cubism and motion technology oThese look very similar to cinematography (look into it)- it’s the work by Muybridge

Fauvism- huge effect on color use
Shrill, unmixed color
Don’t use color realistically- color not attached to object but rather emotional effect oColor detaches from form similar to Dow’s concept of color Ex: The red Studio- Henri Matisse
Spiritual Abstraction- works expressively and not representational, reminds of whistler, lines and colors produce vibrations-pure aesthetics

Translated to America with Amory Show, New York, 1913:
Huge exhibition of American and European art
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