How Visual Elements Help Me Understand Art Work

Topics: Modernism, Dimension, Art Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Visual elements help a lot when I am about to analyze a work of art. Lines play an important role in an art piece because it gives my eyes something to trace around to focus on a particular thing. Horizontal lines, vertical lines, and diagonal lines are the different types of lines that an artist uses in their paintings to convey different messages. Shapes gives a 2 dimensional effect to a painting where as mass gives a 3 dimensional effect. Those effects give us an object to identify the painting and make the piece of art interesting. According to our text book light plays a very important role to an artist, because with the correct lighting they are able to convey what they want on their canvas. Certain pieces of art work in the textbook I see help me focus on that particular area in the painting. Color is my favorite visual element as I feel it brings a painting to life. Texture of a painting gives me an opportunity to sense different types of feelings for example a smooth texture would be relaxing and clean looking to me. Last but not the least space is the last element in visuals that we experience when we see sculptures, architecture, and even in some paintings. After reading chapter 4 on visual elements I understand the importance of space in artwork as before I too use to think of it as a big void space nonetheless it helps give definition along with the other visual elements.
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