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Topics: Modernism, Symbolism, Pierre Boulez Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: September 17, 2014
Language & Structures of music 3:1

Essay Plan (3000 words)
2. “If modern music may be said to have had a definite beginning, then it started with (the) flute melody, the opening of the Prélude à ‘L’ après-midi d’un faune’ by Claude Debussy. Paul Griffiths, Modern Music: A Concise History from Debussy to Boulez Why is Debussy’s Prelude considered such an important work of musical modernism?

Section 1: (Introduction)
Brief outline of the methodology you intend to employ and an overview of the works you intend to centre on: close with a ‘hooking sentence’ which links to the opening paragraph of the main body of your essay; these linking sentences should be provided throughout to give cohesion to your essay

Section 2: (Debussy)
Introduction to Debussy. Briefly discuss details ie; when, where born. Brief overview of other notable works prior to Prelude
Other composers of similar style perhaps whom inspired Debussy His Frenchness in context and relation to music

Section 3: (Prelude)
What was Debussy’s inspiration for Prelude
Mallarme (poet music based on)
The thought process behind Prelude

Section 4: (What made Debussy’s prelude such an important piece of work for the time) The flute motif itself, tonality and development or lack of! Orchestration and how this was unique for the time (Instruments, doubling of flute part etc…) Tonality

Direct association with the text reflected in music
The Golden section

Section 5: How Debussy was at the forefront of Modernist music What elements of his musical ideas were so unique and ‘Advanced’ for the time How were other composers of the time influenced by Debussy and in particular by the prelude itself How did Debussy’s use of tonality, structure and orchestration develop after prelude in other composers works How did they develop in Debussy’s other works

Section 6: Conclusion
General overview of how all the above show how important this...
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