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Topics: University, Higher education, Education Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: March 29, 2014
1.From the abstract, summarise in one sentence, in your own words, what the article is about. How Indigenous Australian’s have been disadvantaged educational and how universities Around Australia are changing the patterns of the past and how they further encourage Indigenous students their studies.

2. From p.59-60 (first 2 pages), in your own words, what is the background that motivates this study? (2 or 3 sentences) The background of this study is to establish the reason behind why indigenous students have struggled with higher education. The study looks to see if offering the indigenous students more support services’ is of benefit to them. The article also suggests that indigenous student may struggle with higher education due to a high number of them living in rural, remote and isolated communities which can make studying at a higher level hard as most universities are in built up areas.

3.From the methodology section, what are the authors investigating and how? (max 3 sentences) The author investigated the overall statistics of commencement and completion of higher education courses of indigenous students as well as looking at the variable in other areas such as, success in attracting indigenous students, success in general completion, success in attracting students overall, the support infrastructure, the indigenous academic presence, level of support for indigenous students, level of institutional support for indigenous employment and access to positive role models and the level of institutional support for advertising of indigenous services. The author collected the data from the public DEEWR website by looking at Higher Education Statistics and by looking at information collected from 40 university websites.

4.The section entitled ‘Results’ is the authors’ discussion of the findings. List these. This will require you to reduce the findings down to their main points using summarising skills. You can quote some brief specific...
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