Comments on Vision and Mission of London College for Fashion Studies Hanoi

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Homework 1: Use internet to find out and comment on the vision and mission statement of your favorite university. Turn in your result with the internet link to the university’s page. London College for Fashion Studies Hanoi

Vision: “For more than 9 years in Vietnam, the college has built international reputation for fashion design training and education in Vietnam. We offer an outstanding range of fashion training courses which are accredited by Universities in the UK and regularly assessed to maintain the highest standards. All of our courses are designed to meet the needs of international students in today’s global job market.” Effective elements| Shortcomings|

* Graphic * Forward-looking and directional * Makes good business sense * Feasible| * Not focused * Not memorable| Mission: “At our college, you can study from Certificate level to Advanced Diploma and Diploma-to-Degree courses. You will find an emphasis on international learning and teaching environment with modern training facilities, skilled and qualified teachers and students support. You will build a network with international friends and associates at different nationalities who may come and live in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese students.” * In my opinion, the way this mission written is quite unique because it is based on customer’s points of view, which are what students want or chances they can make by their own, instead of this college’s. It not just only indentifies the college’s services or gives it its own identity, but also focus mainly on specifying the students’ needs that it seeks to satisfy. So this is a smart decision to write such a mission, which can make students memorable and differentiate itself from other fashion colleges and universities located in Hanoi. For more information, please take a look at this following website:
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