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Chapter 1

Situation Analysis
Technology has unquestionably made our lives easier. In essence, grading is an exercise in professional judgment on the part of instructors. It involves the collection and evaluation of evidence on students' achievement or performance over a specified period of time, such as academic semester and entire school year. Through this process, various types of descriptive information and measures of students' performance are converted into grades or marks that summarize students' accomplishments. In an article entitled Grading System and Student Effort by Valentina Paredes, stated that there are a few papers which study the effect of grading in student effort. Valentina Paredes compares a pass-fail reward system with a fixed standard and rewards for improvements in performance. She shows that, when a pass-fail system is used, raising the passing standard increases effort up to a point. Beyond this point, however, students start giving up because the effort required to pass the class is more costly than the expected reward.

In Policy-data oversight the advancement of this series covers two-grade interval administrative positions that manage, supervise, lead, administer, develop, deliver, and support information technology (IT) systems and services. This series covers only those positions for which the paramount requirement is knowledge of IT principles, concepts, and methods; e.g., data storage, software applications, and networking. Information technology refers to systems and services used in the automated acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, assurance, or reception of information. Information technology includes computers, network components, peripheral equipment, software, firmware, services, and related sources.

Grading System- A grading system is a study examined the effects of the communication aspect of using an online grading program. The purpose of this study was to assist teachers in searching for ways to create a positive parent-teacher relationship. A positive and constructive parent-teacher relationship is helpful to the student. If grades are made available to parents on a daily basis, they will have access to specifics about the academic performance of their child. Parents and teachers will be able to communicate with each other on a regular basis with the use of an online grading program. The De La Salle Information Technology Services (ITS) Office conceptualized the Internet portal dubbed “My.Lasalle”, from a single idea – to give each De La Salle active e-mail account holder access to the University’s different information services anytime, anywhere. This portal is a one-stop system that enables an active account holder to avail of the different information services like course availability, course-section schedules, account balance information, campus calendar, campus news and events, monitoring of grades and e-mail using Outlook Web Access. In the future, students can also use this in building discussion boards. On the other hand, faculty members use the facility to access records in faculty evaluation and grades recording/monitoring/submission, to build mailing lists of classes handled, and to communicate with students. The University of the Philippines Charter of 2008 (Republic Act 9500), one of the purposes of the national university is to “(a)Lead in setting academic standards and initiating innovations in teaching, research and faculty development in philosophy, the arts and humanities, the social sciences, professions and engineering, natural sciences, mathematics, and technology; and maintain centers of excellence in such disciplines and professions;” The new UP Charter also provides that UP shall “(c)Serve as a research university in various fields of expertise and specialization by conducting basic and applied...
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